IF I COULD (feat. Aristotle Mihalopoulos)

Music & Lyrics by Kareem Salama

If I could travel the whole world; I'd see it in your face
If I could find the end of the rainbow I'd give it away
If I could tell you the truth then you'd put my lips to rest
If there was something left in me for you then there be nothing left

If I could see you tonight
Then maybe I could get some sleep
If I could dream tonight
Then I'd dream about you
If I could wake up tonight
Then I'd wake the heart in me
If I could see you tonight
Then I'd finally breathe

I want love like I should without regard to myself
I want to write a love letter in tears and send it to the flames of hell
There has to be more to me than the words I write on this page
There has to be some good in me cause' I want to see your face


I want you to ask me if I do love you
And I want to say there is no "I" in the love between me and you
And I want you to ask me if I could see you from the start
And I say I'm blind at times but I see you with the eye of my heart