HEAVENLY DREAMS (feat. Kelley Peters)

Music & Lyrics by Kareem Salama

He had a heart like other hearts
But the cry for more just wouldn’t stop
He has to always believe
He has to always feel the dream
They’d say life is just passing you by
But saints are boys guided by the night sky
He didn’t move but he’d sway in the night
Till his heart came to life and he was ready fly

Some people need a little more – I need a little bit more
The stars and the ocean floor – The stars and the ocean floor
Some of us do believe – Yes we do believe
God gave us heavenly dreams – God gave us heavenly dreams

He said that boy’s just blowing in the wind
She said daddy I; I believe in him
I don’t know why but I see light in his face
Like he knows something we don’t like he’s from another place
But daddy I respect your mind if that’s what you’ve made
But I know you know that being a saint is better than being safe
He nodded and said these days men don’t come to the door
Baby you’re right a man with a heart like his can give you more


Maybe I’m not right where you think that I should be
Maybe I’ll start out slow and follow my heart and end up a queen
Maybe we aint walking on water but we’re swimming hard
And we’ve got dreams and wits and the good grace of God