Music & Lyrics by Kareem Salama

I was like you and yes you were like me
We were so much alike but unique as can be
Friends till the end and we were quite the right team
Like those two men Aristotle and Averroes

It was a cold evening near the end of fall
That we made our acquaintance for nothing at all
But the common interest to make melodies
And little did we know that fine friends we would be
At first you spoke little and I said a lot
But in time you would trust me with depth of your thought
And though we were only young men at the time
We had souls of the ancients but the youth left to climb


I was walking down the road many took
Studied all the classics learned all the greats books
But I listened to the inspiration inside of me
And expected the least but had the courage to see
There was a time when the world didn’t know
The way you could make a song from just a few notes
But never did you imagine never did I
That with difference and some brilliance we’d come back to life